Mutual expectations of parents and teachers regarding children

-Mr. A.K. Sahni
Secretary, Parent Teacher Association of India

The child being the focus of attention of both parents and teachers, both the forces work together for the improvement and welfare of the child. To avoid any clash and to be able to work more harmoniously there are certain obligations on both home and school, and the parents and the teachers have some mutual expectations regarding their children.

The parents expectations of a teacher
To advance provisions for equal educational opportunities for all; the teacher has to remember it always that he has to behave as a parent

To know the children, the teacher should appreciate their virtues. He should be able to recognize the worth of each child. He should be fair, encouraging and praising he child when there is an occasion for it. He should rather find ways of praising them.

To expect love and respect from children and parents, he teacher has to give respect and love to the students and treat them with dignity

The teacher has not to play any favorites and no prejudice to be harbored against a certain child. The teacher should not form any firm opinion about a child that he is bad and he is to be treated always with prejudice. No malice at all should work in the mind of a teacher

The teacher is expected to be humane and warm, helpful and sympathetic, humorous and lovable. To be humane for a teacher is more important than his skill and knowledge of the subject

The teacher should keep in mind that learning is a process and if a childish slow in learning, he should not be punished with blows. This fear is no encouragement in learning process; it is simply driving him blindly. There are unpleasant memories of school engraved in the hearts of many parents. He should avoid corporal punishments. He should appeal to the better side of each pupil.

The child should be given a chance to develop his talents to the fullest extent.

To plan work so that maximum children participate actively. He must feel that the children have come to school with a specific purpose of learning.
To build up the character of the children. Special emphasis should be laid down upon moral codes i.e. matters of honesty, rights of others, good conduct, co-operation and purity of thought and speech.

The teacher should not be a terror for children like a policeman. His behavior should be more friendly and helpful so that the children should freely approach him with their personal problems. When is necessary to discipline a child, it should be done in private. He shouldn’t be made an example before the class. The punishment of a child should be just, and after punishment no malice is held with the child. For the misdeed of one or two the whole class should not be punished.

To look after the health of each child, he teacher should build up the habit of obedience in the child so that he becomes a disciplined citizen. The teacher should create an environment where the child feels absolutely free and relieved to say what he thinks and feels absolutely free and relieved to say what he thinks and feels. He should select influences that will appeal to the child. The school is to be a place of interest for the child where he goes willingly.
The parents also expect that the teacher should be careful about his appearance and clothes. He should have respect for the profession, love his job and take interest in his work. He should be a person of integrity with an acute sense of responsibility. He should be prepared to work together with the parents and value their opinion regarding the child. As the child spends more time at home, he has more influence of the home environments than school. He has stronger ties with his parents and they can observe him more.

Besides this, parents want to understand the growth and development of their children. They have certain doubts to be clarified and certain misunderstandings to be ironed out. The teacher should willingly inform them fully about the school’s programme and other observations about the children he should be just and clear in his remarks.

The Teacher in turn expects some help from the parents in the following ways:

They should spend more time with their children and take them along for picnics, outings and other places of interest. They should also show interest in their work and allied activities.

The parents must have respect for the authority of teachers and the teaching profession, and they must avoid criticism of teachers and the teaching profession, and they must avoid criticism of teachers. This will develop good habits in the children and they will have genuine respect and love for their teachers.

The child is for more time at home. Moreover the parents have brought him up from his birth. They are well aware of his emotions and sentiments. They should inform the teacher very honestly about the child’s behavior and work at home. They should not necessarily defend his behavior.

The cause of misbehavior starts at home. If the parents are unable to mind the child, they should not expect too much from the teacher. Home environments are to be changed and the parents should look after the child properly. The teacher is to help them.

The parents must see that the child attends the school regularly and he is quite punctual. He should be further encouraged in this habit. The parents should make child more responsible at home. He should be assigned some job, which he should tackle independently.

When the child goes from school, he needs some rest. He also needs nourishing food. The parents must see to these comforts of the child.
The parents must carefully go through the new techniques and methods of modern teaching and their difference from the past.

The parents must have information from the school about the co-curricular activities of the child and the time allotted to them the amount of home study required to them, the amount of home study required and other preliminary things like length of the school day.

The most important thing for the parents is to recognize the teacher’s expertise in his own field. They must instill in the child’s mind the respect for the teacher. Respect for the school. Respect for the rights of others and discipline.