How to Plan a Child's Birthday Party

Planning birthday parties are fun!  Here is a simple checklist of the things to do (the to-do list) so as not to miss out on anything while planning for a child’s birthday party. Read the tips to find out how to plan a child’s birthday party:

  •          Talk to your child and discuss about what kind of a birthday party she wants to throw.
  •          Decide the venue for your child’s birthday party. You can choose to organise the birthday party either at home or somewhere outdoors.
  •          Choose a theme for your child’s birthday party.
  •          Involve your child to make the guest list including your child’s close friends and family.
  •          Personalize the birthday party invitations to fit your theme & style.
  •          Purchase the party supplies such as ribbons, streamers, birthday poppers, balloons, khoyi bag, return gifts etc.
  •          Either bake the cake or order your child’s favourite cake from a bakery.
  •          Serve kid’s favourite food items such as finger fries, pizzas, burgers, potato chips, soft drinks, ice-cream etc.
  •          Invite a children’s entertainer to add a lot of fun and value to your child’s birthday party and make it a memorable one.
  •          Arrange simple games such as musical chairs, pass the parcel, treasure hunt etc.
  •          Make and decorate gift bags depending upon the birthday party theme.