SHEMROCK Parents share their smiles

With his teacher’s friendly behavior & affection uttkarsh is gradually trying to adjust to his daily routine to go to school & stay there away from home.

Dr. Tripti Arora, M/o Uttkarsh Arora

She is very active and shows that teachers are really very good. Her poems  always impress everybody in her home but the credit goes to her teachers. 

Mrs. Sachdeva, M/o Kanishka Sachdeva

She loves to come to school  including Sunday. She loves her teachers. Her behavior is changed. She loves to do her home work. We are very happy and thankful to her teachers.

Mrs.Meenakshi, M/o Kaanya Khanna

Unlike the children of other play school my daughter feels very happy to go to school and great to talk about when around with parents she feels pride and content though being so small. I t is due to the unique friendly and encouraging atmosphere for my child to groom in so many aspects of life.

Mrs. Ritu Murarka, M/o Tanisha Murarka

Since Shreshtha has joined the school, she has become aware of many new things around her. She has grasped various concepts taught by your teachers.

Mrs. Divya, M/o Shreshtha Chugh

We are very happy the way Khushi is performing in the school. Thanks to SHEMROCK teachers and supporting members for their effort

Mrs. Malini Gulati, M/o Khushi Gulati

My child has adjusted well in SHEMROCK. Her school has given her lot of confidence as my child is able to express her feelings fluently.

Mr. Sushil Arora, F/o Niyati Arora

Our child had achieved a lot after joining SHEMROCK, she has showed so much of positive change in her, her personality have groomed in this one year.

Mr. Bhushan Dhingra, F/o Priya Dhingra

Sarthak has started adjusting with the new people. Earlier he was very shy but after joining SHEMROCK he has starting taking interest in the outdoor activities with other people and other children also.

Mrs. Nidhi Goyal, M/o Sarthak Goyal

Became more friendly, observant, speech has improved, likes to participate in other activities.

Mrs. Pooja Aggarwal, M/o Shrey Aggarwal

Since the time she has started schooling with SHEMROCK, she has gained a lot. Her communication skills, mannerisms, habits, overall nature and confidence has increased many folds.

Mrs. Geetu Dhall, M/o Tisha Dhall

I am satisfied with the performance given by the school to my child, picking power of words as well as identification of picture objects is very sharp.

Mrs.Preeti, M/o Sanya Wadhwa

He is becoming more friendly day by day. His capability of speaking is improving.

Mrs. Ritu Sehgal, M/o Joy Sehgal

Definitely suyash has grown up . Now he is more adaptive, more curious more vibrant. It is pleasant to see his reactions to his surroundings which easily describes that he is maturing in a good manner.

Mrs.(Dr.) Bhawana, M/o Suyash Shrivastava

Supreet learns more activities in your school. He learns many rhymes and good manners in your school.

Mrs. Harjeet Kaur, M/o Supreet Chawla

Tanishq is improving and gaining lots of things day by day. He become active and smart after joining the school .

Mrs. Parul Jain, M/o Tanishq Jain

Yash is learning many things like colours, shapes and rhymes at school. He can count upto 10 and  I am satisfied with his performance and teachers.

Mrs. Kusum, M/o Yash Bahuguna

Priyanshu always has been a very friendly child and we are really happy to see him smiling and excited to go to school. His teachers are sweet.

Mr. Dharmesh, F/o Priyanshu Arora

The positive thing which I have seen in her that now she behaves more social, became frank while talking. As a whole she has improved a lot.

Dr. Shweta Johri, M/o Urvi Johri

My child has improved a lot. The major change is related to his eating habits and his attitude towards his family members.

Mrs. Dapinder Kaur, M/o Abhineet Singh

My ward has learnt new words, some table manners and social skills at SHEMROCK. As a whole new changes regarding his adjustive skills to his environment are visible in his personality.

Mrs. Chhavi Goel, M/o Ansh Goel

On the very first day of his school my child started telling his school’s name “SHEMROCK” which is really remarkable.


I am very much satisfied with the adjustment of my child. I am thankful to all the teachers who have helped him in adjusting in the school environment and making him more confident.

Mrs. Ritu Khemani, M/o Ishaan Khemani

A good drawing sense is developed in him. He has improved in every field like rhymes, writing and general knowledge.

Mrs. Neetu Aggarwal, M/o Dhruv Aggarwal

My child is improving and gaining lots of knowledge day by day.

Mrs. Kapoor, M/o Pari Kapoor

My child has started learning poems and reciting them with confidence. Communication skills have improved a lot.

Mr. Manish Jain, M/o Muskaan Jain

She has become more talkative, more active, confident and makes friends easily.

Mrs. Gupta, M/o Pankhuri Gupta

He is more obedient,  well mannered, & well behaved. He has also learnt eating & table manners.

Mr. Arun Aggarwal, M/o Aditya Aggarwal

She is more extrovert than before, has improved her communication skills and is doing her daily work independently.

Mr. Ashish, F/o Dikshya Mohapalia

SHEMROCK has laid a stable and firm foundation which has provided him self esteem, self confidence and he is developing more skills in a positive way.

Mrs. Geeta, M/o Ishaan Buryok

Ishaan has become confident after joining SHEMROCK

Mr. Neeraj, F/o Ishaan Singhal

This was a good experience to join “SHEMROCK MEGA SHOWCASE 2k’16”. It was very well organized and very well executed. We were glad to see our child participation on the big stage. It was a good chance for Childs also to show their performance between 1000 of people’s. Overall it was very good, excellent, very well executed.

F/O, Vansh

Awesome!! You People are doing a great jobs. So much energy and enthusiasm in the young lads is just treat to the parents eyes. One of the performance actually brought tears to my eyes.

Mr. Asif Iqbal F/O, Inaaya Iqbal

‘SHEM SHUKRIYA’ was a complete hit. Our lovely tiny tots put up a fantastic performance. The kids were performing with such confidence and zeal and its all because of Shemrock staff. Kudusi shemrock team and a heartfelt Thanks!

F/O, Stavya Sharma

The show was really awesome. We had attended it completely and enjoyed the same. Different faces of school achievements came into light and our child performance was unbelievable. The teachers, school and others really made him (Nidit) so well trained that even we forgot to judge the capability of our child heartily Thanks.

Mr. Anil Pruthi, F/O,

Excellent programme. No word to explain. I would like to thank all teachers for this outstanding performance of all children.

Mr. Manish ray, F/O, Hridhan Ray

The SHEMROCK MEGA SHOWCASE ‘SHEM SHUKRIYA’ was a great success. We were thankful to shemrock to make our child a part of such esteemed event. We really enjoyed our child’s performance.

Mr. Rahul Gupta, F/O, Hriday

A very well co-ordinated and organised event which provided a big platform to showcase each individual child’s talent. This kind of platform gives boost to child’s confidence to perform in front of such a big audience. Akshayaa performed well.

Mrs. Anjali, M/O, Akshayaa Hans

हमे यह जानकार और देखकर बहुत खुशी हो रही की शेमरोक बड्स की व्यवस्था तथा अनुशासन बहुत अछा रहा| आपके स्कूल में पढ़ने से हमारे बच्चे को बुद्धिमत्ता का विकास हुआ है स्कूल में खेल कूद ख़ानपान तथा भिन्न प्रकार के सांस्कृतिक कार्य करवाए गये जिससे की हमारा बच्चा पहली कक्षा में लग्न से सब सफलता मिली है | आपकी मेहनत और लग्न से यह सफलता मिली है इसके लिए हम शेमरोक स्कूल का दिन दोगनी रातचोगनी सफलता की कामना करते है|

F/O, Kanishka Das

“SHEMROCK MEGA SHOWCASE 2k16” as usual was brilliantly organized. Hats off to all the school teachers and principal madam to make it amicably possible. We as parents tell that our child participation itself is a proud moment. To perform at this age on such a big stage is a phenomenal achievement. Our heartiest thanks to “SHEMROCK”

Mr. Neeraj Khurana, F/O, Chaitanya

MEGA SHOWCASE 2016 was a great hit. Performances were fabulous. All children performed so good. As far as Jai’s performance is concerned I remember he only cried when he performed first time on stage, Sushma mam said he will do next time. As promised, my child performed, not only in MEGA SHOWCASE but also at various other occasions. I really owe a big thanks to all staff members for this. We are so proud of our child and his favorite school “SHEMROCK”- it really rocks.

Mrs. Swati Singh, M/O, Jai Singh

The entire show was very organized. All the performances were commendable. We appreciate the hard work and the courage of the children. I loved the performance of my child Aarav a lot. He was so sync and passionate about the dance and seems no nervous at stage. We thanks the entire team for such a great show.

Mrs Anjali, F/O, Aarav Kashyap

SHEMROCK MEGA SHOWCASE 2k16 was a very well designed and well organized program. I appreciate the team SHEMROCK for that Anishka’s performance was wonderful & surprising. Thank you SHEMROCK for development in Anishka’s extra curriculum activities.

Mr. Yogesh Garg, F/O, Anishka Garg

I want to esteemed my most heart full appreciation to every person especially kids, the teachers, staff members, parent-volunteers and of course students who worked very hard on the school performance this year. It took the contribution of each individual on the team to create the tremendous and memorable event this year we had excellent worked children overcoming their stage fear and still giving impeccable performances. Well done shemrock. Congratulations all teachers and principal mam for the great day which would be always cherished and of course my son Aarav’s performance was great when I saw him on the stage I just wiped my eyes witting my heart I shouted for my boy and my body shivered in excitement. It was such a tremendous and great performance.

Mrs Kavita, M/O, Aarav Shastri

The Shemrock Mega Showcase was a big success. The Message of the programme ‘SHEM SHUKRIYA’ came out very well, which was visible in all the performances. The children have very well understood the importance of school, too here parents, grandparents, friends and their country in their lives, which was seen in the enthusiasm in all the dances. I would see a change in my child from the first day she came to school. The confidence that you have put in my child to stand in front of such large audience will help her fly high in future.

Mrs. Shikha, M/O, Vanya

SHEMROCK MEGA SHOWCASE 2k’16” is a best show. We admire this show. This show increases the confidence of my child. I am so happy that my child performed in this show. Saanvi performed very well. We enjoyed the show.

Mrs. Rekha, M/O, Saanvi

It was a great event I ever seen in my life. The organizer has dedicated tremendous effort to bring life in the event. For each and every kid it’s a miraculous opportunity to show their talent. My child was excellent at the stage with inbuilt confidence.

F/O, Chaitanya

We can’t express our love and feeling in words. A big and heartily thanks to all the lovely Mam & Sir & Staff members for taking care of my little angel and giving the confidence & smartness. The ‘SHEM SHUKRIYA’ was a great function and our little angels were dancing in a way we never imagined. Me and my family are going to miss u all & I wish SHEMROCK Good luck for their future.

Dr. Jyoti Arys M/O, Aarini

This was a wonderful MEGA SHOW. I want to thanks to all teachers for growth and changes in my little child. We are very happy to choose “SHEMROCK”. We cannot imagine that my child performed on stage without any hesitation. So, we are glad to see.

Mr. Jawant, F/O, Shreyansh Jain