Portal Exclusive: How schools can help working parents strike a balance between their jobs and give quality time to the children

Check out the article by Mrs. Meenal Arora, Director - SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of Schools:Schools must implement full-day child-centric learning so that working parents can easily manage their careers and also find time for their children. Gone are the days when fathers were considered to be the sole bread-earners of a family. These days, women are at par with men and so, it is the responsibility of both parents to earn and offer a healthy life to their children. This often turns into a difficult routine, and what adds to this shambolic lifestyle of working parents is the early school-going hours of their children. Often working parents find it challenging to balance their career alongside taking care of their family. Starting from managing time for themselves, paying less attention to children, low productivity levels at work to children’s downgrading scores, the struggle is real.


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