7 things to remember if you are planning to open a preschool

By witnessing the growth and upsurge in the preschool business, are you inclined to open a playschool?  It is indeed a very bankable option. With an increase in the number of working parents and awareness among them towards early childhood education, the proposition is magnetising entrepreneurs. Modern parents are realising the role a preschool plays in formative years of a child by accelerating his overall growth and development. And therefore, the demand for preschools in India is on the rise. But what are the requirements to start a playschool? Before starting anything, you should have thorough knowledge about all its ins and outs. Here are some basic requirements that need to be fulfilled in starting a playgroup school business.


The utmost care and love for children

The first and foremost elements you should have, are love and care for the little angels. The children of playschool are in their developing and nurturing stage. One needs extensive care and patience to handle them. Wrong behaviour and approach can leave a bad impression on their developing and young minds. So, it is very crucial that this requirement is fulfilled meticulously.

Capital requirement

Every business venture needs capital to invest in and so is the playschool business. But the amount invested here is comparatively lower than other options. It requires a modest amount of money which you can easily arrange from the so many financing options available in the market. For obtaining a loan from the bank, all document formalities and mentioned requirements should be duly fulfilled.

In fact, some banks provide special schemes for women entrepreneurs to start a playschool. So, it is another very important point to treasure.

Appropriate location

Next step would be to choose the ideal location for the playschool. The location should be in close vicinity to a residential area. It should be nearby to parents and located in a peaceful and green environment. Most importantly, it should be in easy access to both school and private transport to avoid any inconvenience.

Another point to remember is the minimum area requirement for the preschool. The area required to establish a playschool is approximately 2000 sq.ft. however, the area may vary according to the city, terrain, region and other deciding factors.


A well -defined curriculum

A quality curriculum is required to run a school effectively as it is the foundation of every school. Furthermore, it should be such that as to promote concept building in little children through interesting and fun-based activities. Developing a good curriculum is a critical task as it should be unique, scientific and provide children with ample opportunities to learn. Therefore, proper research should be carried out in designing a curriculum.


Staff recruitment

Another requirement to open a preschool is the recruitment of teachers and other support staff.  Well-qualified and experienced teachers should be hired to teach and take care of the kids. Their approach should be sensitive and caring towards the little tots. Not just the teachers but the support staff also must be genuinely interested in interacting and spending time with the kids. Remember, patience and perseverance are the keys to deal with young minds.



Among playschool set up requirements, infrastructure is the first thing that attracts little kids and their parents. The school environment and ambience should be colourful, attractive and child-centric. The beautifully designed theme-based walls, age-appropriate colourful furniture, spacious rooms and well-equipped school are among few things that keep children engrossed and interested in coming to schools daily.


Marketing and advertising

Like any other school, opening a playgroup school is incomplete without proper advertising. To get parents’ attention and recognition, you have to indulge in marketing and promotions vigorously. It should be publicised via print media, social marketing, telephone marketing, word of mouth, radio advertising and television marketing if required. Then, you will be able to carry through and achieve your targeted goal.


Most important of all, what you need the most is the zeal and passion for this business. Setting up any business takes toil and time. But this whole process can be eased and simplified if you take franchise of an already established brand. It will help you in every process from initial set up to marketing. Also, you get complete support and expertise for the smooth functioning of your business.


One such huge and renowned brand is SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of Schools. It is a leading preschool chain which has received many awards and accolades in the education sector. Another added advantage is that the Group remains a pillar of support for the lifetime.


Therefore, opening a preschool under the umbrella of a reputed brand like SHEMROCK is a wise and prudent decision.